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Thursday, June 16, 2011

August Appointments!

I'm coming to Colorado in August! As I work out my dates and travel plans, I'm seeking the opinion of my clients- I need to be in Colorado Saturday, August 27, and I can be available for appointments before that date, after it, or both. Please let me know when would be most convenient for you, and feel free to go ahead and book an appointment! I'll remind you when August arrives. -Jen

Monday, April 4, 2011

Past News

Appointments available Dec 17th-23rdI

I have made my travel arrangements for December, and I will be in the office Friday Dec 17th, and then Mon-Thurs Dec 20th-23rd. I will be doing 30 minute- 90 minute appointments at my usual single-session rates. (30 minutes $35, 60 minutes $65, 90 minutes $95) Make your appointments soon! The sooner I get you on the calendar the better the chances we can find a time that works for you. Call or email to make appointments. 303-731-4656, lifelongmassage@hotmail.com
Have a great day and a great month- see you in December! -Jen

Lifelong Massage is Moving!
As many of you already know, I will be moving across the country at the end of the month. My last day at the office in Boulder will be Tuesday, Oct 26th. I do still have some openings for last minute appointments. Working in Boulder has been a rewarding and fulfilling experienc...e, and working with and treating each of you has been wonderful. I will miss Colorado, but hopefully Lifelong Massage will flourish in Massachusetts as it has here!

Below I have contact information for several massage therapists who have similar training and style of work to me. They are all gifted massage therapists, and are expecting to hear from my clients, so please feel free to contact any of them. If you want, ask me and I can recommend one therapist specifically for your needs- each of these listed has slightly different styles and will suit different people.

I will be visiting for part of December, and hopefully several times a year after that, and I will be able to see clients in the same office when I visit. I will post my available dates on this page, and will also send out an email- you can subscribe to that on under the Mailing List tab to the right.

Thank you again for making Lifelong Massage a success in Boulder, and for making Massage Therapy a rewarding career for me. I wish you good health and happiness! -Jen

Transformation Massage Therapy
8850 Ralston Rd. #205 Arvada CO

Jessica Castelblanco: Jessica worked for me for awhile before starting her own company. Her work is very similar to mine, focusing on deep work with postural and structural change. Jessica is also certified in Pre-natal and Post-partum massge.

Krista Lewis: Krista is also a talented therapist, who focuses more on gentle work, incorporating energy work and lighter touch for a relaxing, healing experience. Krista is very good at making her clients feel "taken care of" during a massage.

Taylor Lee, CMT
Boulder, CO

Taylor loves deep tissue massage, especially working with posture and the anterior torso, treating muscles like diaphragm, psoas, and the pecs. She incorporates elements of sports massage and thai massage, especially lots of stretching. Without pain or bruising, Taylor can get deeper pressure than any other therapist I've ever met.

Massage for the People
2885 Aurora Ave, Suite 14e, Boulder, CO

Amee Hinkley: Amee brings together Western-style deep tissue and neuromuscular massage with Eastern-style mind/body connectedness and energy work. Amee treats clients using massage tecniques in a framework of overall mental, emotional, and phyical health and wellness. Amee is passionate about healing her clients using every therapeutic tool and traditional available to her. Amee has also been my office mate for the past several years, so the location is the same as my office.


June 2010- Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi was a great class, and I'm excited to offer both traditional Lomi Lomi sessions, and to incorporate techniques into my regular sessions.

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian style of massage using flowing, dance like movements to connect, integrate, and relax the body. Lomi Lomi is traditionally used to support spiritual and emotional transformation by encouraging a meditative, nurturing, trance-like state.

May 2010- Donations to Canyon Cares
For the 2nd year in a row, Lifelong Massage donated two hour long massage gift certificates to Canyon Care, for their annual silent auction. Canyon Cares supports families in Coal Creek Canyon who are going through periods of financial hardship and need help paying their bills. 

April 2010- Body Worlds at Denver Museum of Nature and Science
I took a great class at Body Worlds- and came away with fresh inspiration about how beautiful the body is! Some special thoughts that stuck with me:

-Imagine the body is like a bag filled with water. Anywhere you press on that bag, however lightly, causes things to move around and shift all over. No wonder touch can have such profound and far-reaching effects!
-The coolest thing I never realized about the body... the tongue attaches to the front of the spine!
-Its so cool to see the layers of fascia in the body. All of your muscles, bones, organs, etc are covered in very thin layers of connective tissue. Ideally, these slide easily over each other and have a layer of fluid between them to help lubricate that movement. What happens when you get dehydrated, very tight, or have an injury?
All of these conditions can lead to fascia getting stuck and not sliding freely, and the fancy name for this is adhesion. I love breaking up adhesions with massage! By far my favorite type of problem to treat.

April 2010- Yuri's Night Boulder Sponsorship
For the 3rd year in a row, Lifelong Massage is proud to sponsor Yuri's Night Boulder! We will be offering gift certificates as prizes for the space costume contest at the event- Sat, April 10, 2010 at the Lazy Dog. They will also have live music from 7pm to close. More details on the event website- click here.

Yuri's Night is a worldwide event celebrating human spaceflight on the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first flight, the first human spaceflight.This is the 10th year of the international Yuri's Night event!

Below- photos from the event, including some of the costumes that won Lifelong Massage gift certificates.
Opening Band- H1N1
Areopagitica- the main band (with me!)
A real astronaut (in the blue flight suit) and some cool costumes.
Leading the International Toast
January 2010- Visceral Massage
After taking a wonderful visceral massage class in January, I am pleased to offer visceral massage in my sessions!

Massage to the tissues surrounding and connecting the internal organs can help with digestion and breathing problems. Because these tissues attach to the ribs, spine, and pelvis, massage to the viscera can also help with pain and tightness in the shoulders, back, and hips.

CU Cycling Sponsorship
We are proud to offer a massage sponsorship to members of CU's Cycling team! We wish them luck at all the races this season!

Charitable Donations
We do our best to support as many community organizations as possible through donations!

For the past 3 years,we have donated gift certificates to Mario Kart for a Cause, an annual video game event benefiting the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Participants must make material donations (such as food, toiletries, and blankets) to the Shelter in order to compete, and the winners have received a total of 2hrs and 15 mins of Lifelong Massage gift certificates each year.You can find more information about the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless at www.bouldershelter.org

In 2008, We donated two 90 minute massages to the Boulder Chamber Orchestra annual silent auction. The proceeds from the auction benefit, among other activities of the Orchestra, scholarships for talented young musicians.You can view the Orchestra's website at www.boulderchamberorchestra.org

In 2009, We donated two 60 minute massage sessions to Canyon Cares for a silent auction. Canyon Cares is an organization that has supported families in the Coal Creek Canyon area who have had trouble paying for the basic necessities of life since the beginning of the financial crisis. Canyon Cares has information at www.canyoncares.org

April 11, 2009
We offered FREE chair massage at Yuri's Night Boulder's event at the CU Fiske Planetarium!
Photos from the event are below.
Check out our mention on the Yuri's Night website!