About Lifelong Massage

Jen Kobrick LMT, NCTMB, AOS #MA71315
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2625 Barna Ave Suite J, Titusville, FL

About Lifelong Massage

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2625 Barna Ave. Suite J, Titusville

(Body Balance Massages)

Florida License MA71315

Hours: By appointment only
Sat 9am-5pm


I believe that Massage Therapy can make a difference in how we care for our bodies! 

Instead of treatment focused on “fixing” the body when it is “broken”, I focus on helping people along the lifelong path to health and wellness

I use a variety of techniques- from Swedish and Deep Tissue to Sports, Medical, Visceral, and Craniosacral massage styles to tailor my sessions to individual needs 

I work with the whole of a person: mind, body, emotions, and spirit  

I focus on educating clients about the body and how to have a better relationship with it- improving posture and habits for lifelong changes  

I encourage self-care because I believe that showing someone how to manage pain and improve function empowers them to take charge of their own health and well-being  

I believe that touch is vital to being human, and that therapeutic touch should be an integral part of every person’s life and healthcare  

I want to share my passion for health and wellness with my clients!

Injury, Surgery, Chronic pain, Chronic fatigue, Stress, and more: Therapeutic Massage can help you recover faster and more fully. Anything from everyday pain and stress to major injuries and many chronic conditions are more easily managed with the help of massage.  

Therapeutic Massage, education, and exercises can help you improve your body’s posture, function, and habits, to reduce the stress you put on your body and make long-term changes in pain and stress patterns. Massage can also help you integrate your mental, physical, and emotional functions.  

Therapeutic Massage keeps you in touch with your body. It teaches you to listen to, and how to respond to, your body’s needs. By learning to work with your body and listen to it, you can prevent future injury and chronic strain! Instead of focusing on overcoming pain, focus on being at your healthiest.