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Research by Lifelong Massage

As part of my AOS degree, I designed and conducted a case study about the far reaching effects of treating postural dysfunction with massage. This is a pdf of the slideshow summary I put together to present the results of this research. I think you may be surprised by just how effective it was! 

Case Study Presentation (PDF — 2 MB)
A few things to note- at the end of the slideshow, there are photos comparing before and after range of motion (ROM)- the 'after' ROM was taken after session 7- at this point I hadn't worked on the patient's head, neck, or shoulders in weeks! Just by focusing on her posture throughout her body, the patient had incredible improvement in her main area of complaint. 

This presentation was originally created to present my research to massage therapists and other healthcare professionals, so please feel free to contact me to explain any unfamiliar terms and techniques, and if you have any questions about the research or the process of working with posture! 

Jen Kobrick, LMT, NCTMB, AOS   -   lifelongmassage@hotmail.com 

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