About Lifelong Massage

Jen Kobrick LMT, NCTMB, AOS #MA71315
Please call to set up a session with me at Body Balance Massages!
2625 Barna Ave Suite J, Titusville, FL

Partner Providers and Products


These are some of my favorite self care tools. These tools are available many places, but here are some online purchase options. Most of these are available locally at Target

TENNIS BALLS:http://www.amazon.com
HOT/COLD PACKS:http://www.medichest.com
You can also use a bag of rice or peas, but DO NOT EAT them after repeated freezing and thawing!

MASSAGE LOTION: If you've taken a couples massage class from me, you may be wondering where to get massage lotions.
Online, you can get massage lotion from Massage Warehouse
Let me know if you have questions about what to get.